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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we leave our vehicles?

Camden Wal-Mart is open 24 hours with video surveillance and

we have permission to park there for the duration of our trip. Should you prefer, someone can bring you and pick you up.

What age group usually travels with us?

All ages are welcome to join us but typically our travelers are near retirement and older.

Are we allowed food and drinks on the bus?

There are no restrictions for food on the bus except 

ice cream must be in a cup, no cones or bars.

Coolers can not be brought on the bus.
Bottled drinks with screw on caps are allowed. 
Also, for

those coffee drinkers, a travel mug is allowed as

long as it has a screw on lid and can be closed.

What type of clothing should we wear?

Casual wear is typically the clothing of choice. Be sure to watch the weather channel to determine temperature conditions prior to packing. Should there be any formal nights on the trip, that information will be in the final booklet.


Is there assigned seating?

We will assign seating during the tour.  Family and friends can be assured of sitting
together. Seating will rotate throughout the trip so everyone sits at different places on the bus.
We can not honor special requests for seat locations.

What time does the trip leave?
You will receive a final booklet about 2 weeks prior

to each trip with your departure time, hotels and last minute details.

Can I bring a CPAP breathing machine?

Yes, they will be stored in the luggage compartment.
You will need to take it to & from your hotel room.

Luggage Restrictions (subject to change, depending on the trip)
Carry-on bag - The overhead compartment size is 14 X 12 X 10 and each person is allowed one bag.

Please measure you bag to insure that it will fit.
Hard suitcase style carry-ons with wheels and pull out handle are not allowed.
Use a soft- sided carry-on that will take the shape of the overhead space.

Checked bag - Only one checked bag per person will be stored under the bus.
Maximum  weight limit for checked bag: 40 lbs (Weigh on bathroom scales before the trip)
Don't forget to leave room for souvenirs . Timeless Adventures will provide a luggage tag for your checked bag.
Hotels may refuse to handle bags over 40 lbs. and will only deliver your checked bag to your room.

How many people are on the bus?
Our bus has 56 seats. Usually we have 50 - 54 travelers.

What amenities does the bus have?
Electrical plugs at every seat.
Free Wi-Fi
Black leather reclining seats.
Hardwood floors.
Restroom for your comfort.
Individual Climate Control

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